Alcohol and Drug Studies AS Degree

The College offers a non-transferable degree in Alcohol and Drug Studies. Students earning an associate’s degree in Alcohol and Drug Studies may pursue entry-level positions as supervised chemical dependency counselors or may choose to continue their study in the discipline toward a bachelor’s or graduate degree in psychology or social work. Transfer requirements at four-year colleges and universities vary from institution to institution; students should consult with an academic advisor for specific information regarding the transfer requirements of their preferred college or university.

All courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. In addition, students will be required to have 75% attendance in these courses. 

Course Code Title Units
Required CoursesUnits
HSAD 001Introduction to Alcohol & Drug Studies (Prerequisite for other HSAD courses, offered Fall & Spring)3
HSAD 002Intro to Human Services Counseling3
HSAD 004Personal & Professional Growth2
HSAD 024Law/Ethics: Community Resources3
HSAD 036Counseling Diverse Populations (See item #3 under Requirements for Internship)3
HSAD 020Biomedical Pharmacology3
HSAD 022Case Management3
HSAD 025Prevention, Intervention and Recovery3
HSAD 030Individual, Group & Family Counseling3
HSAD 034Dual Diagnosis3
Internship/Practicum (Fall & Spring)
HSAD 032AAlcohol & Drug: Supervised Practicum I2
HSAD 032BAlcohol & Drug: Supervised Practicum II2
HSAD 033AAlcohol & Drug Supervised Internship I1
HSAD 033BAlcohol & Drug Supervised Internship II1
HSAD 095BAlcohol and Drug Work Experience (Maximum of 4 units may be used for work experience.)2, 2
Required Subtotal39
Select 6 units from the following:
PSY 003Developmental Psychology3
PSY 007Positive Psychology3
PSY 010Psychological Aspects/Marriage & Family3
COMM 009Intro to Interpersonal Communication3
Elective Subtotal6
COD General Education Pattern 118
Kinesiology Activities2

Recommended: PSY 001, PSY 003 and  PSY 010

Please contact program advisors with questions and concerns. For more information please call 760.773.2574. Returning and transferring HSAD students who have been out of the HSAD program for over 4 years must schedule an appointment with the COD program co-advisors to discuss currency of required coursework.