Whole Numbers Certificate of Competency

This is a program in the basic operations of arithmetic of Whole Numbers. The program consists of two courses, Math 370A and Math 370B. This program is noncredit, lab based, self-paced and open entry. Students can repeat the program as often as needed to develop foundational numeracy skills in whole numbers. Students can enroll in the program at any time during the semester and concurrently with other Math courses. Students can devote as much time and effort as needed in order to successfully complete the program. In order to receive the Certificate of Competency in Whole Numbers, the students need to successfully complete these two courses. After receiving the Certificate, students should be able to demonstrate number sense, which is characterized by the ability to judge relative sizes of numbers, perform computations with numbers in different representations, and assess the reasonableness of results; and to use the information contained in application problems to identify and execute methods of solution that involve arithmetic skills, and evaluate the reasonableness of the results obtained.

Course Code Title Units
Required Courses
MATH 370AArithmetic of Whole Numbers-Module 10
MATH 370BArithmetic of Whole Numbers-Module 20