Other Noncredit Certificate Programs

Certificate of Completion and Certificate of Competency programs are noncredit career development programs. These programs provide vocational training in focused areas and do not appear on the transcript. 

A noncredit Certificate of Competency means a document confirming that a student enrolled in a noncredit educational program of noncredit courses has demonstrated achievement in a set of competencies that prepares students to progress in a career path or to undertake degree-applicable or non degree-applicable credit courses. 

A noncredit Certificate of Completion means a document confirming that a student has completed a noncredit educational program of noncredit courses that prepares students to progress in a career path or to take degree-applicable credit courses.

The following are other noncredit certificates offered at College of the Desert. Please refer to the programs pages of the catalog for detailed information on a particular program. 

  1. Automotive Technology
    1. Automotive Quick Service
    2. Automotive Terminology
    3. Automotive Oil Change
  2. Building Energy Systems Professional
    1. Air Properties and Economizer Performance
    2. Proper HVAC System Preparation and System Charging
    3. Refrigerant Management and EPA-608 Preparation
    4. Residential Solar Installation
    5. Residential Solar Surveying & Planning
    6. Solar Battery Storage Installation & Maintenance
    7. Solar Site Planning Project
    8. Welding
      1. Gas Metal Arc Welding
      2. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
      3. Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  3. Culinary Arts
    1. Baker
    2. Bread Baker
    3. Culinary Catering
    4. Culinary Menu Planning
    5. Culinary Procurement and Cost Control
    6. Culinary Safety & Sanitation
    7. Prep Cook
  4. Digital Design and Production
    1. After Effects
    2. Illustrator Skills
    3. InDesign
    4. Premiere Pro
  5. English
    1. Language and Thought
    2. Organization
    3. Research & Argument
    4. Sentence
  6. English as a Second Language
    1. Advanced Academic ESLN
  7. Emergency Medical Services
    1. Emergency Medical Responder
    2. Emergency Medical Responder Intermediate
  8. Film
    1. Basic Film Production
    2. Film Production Scheduling and Budgeting 
    3. Introduction to Film
    4. Introduction to Screenwriting
  9. Natural Resources
    1. Geographic Information Systems for Business
    2. Geographic Information Systems for Data Acquistion
    3. Geographic Information Systems for Essentials
    4. Geographic Information Systems for Spatial Analysis
  10. Kinesiology
    1. Advanced First Aid and Safety, CPR/AED
    2. Lifeguard Training
    3. Water Safety Instructor
  11. Mathematics
    1. Integers
    2. Rational Numbers
    3. Whole Numbers