Geographic Information Systems Data Acquisition Certificate of Completion

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are software systems that allow users to integrate spatially related information from spreadsheets with smart mapping capabilities. In the Geographic Information Systems Data Acquisition Certificate of Completion, students learn the technology required to acquire and manage GIS digitized data.  Students work with ESRI ArcGIS software to apply Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tasks including: identification and acquisition of GIS data; assessment of vector and raster systems, scale, resolution, map projection, coordinate systems; spatial analysis; geoprocessing; georeferencing and Global Positioning Systems; and creation of online and interactive maps to model and analyze complex spatial relationships.

Course Code Title Units
NR 321AMap Layout & Presentation0
GIS 321AMap Layout & Presentation0
NR 321BEditing & Analyzing Map Data0
GIS 321BEditing & Analyzing Map Data0
GIS 322Data Acquisition and Management in Geographic Information Systems0