Basic Correctional Officer Training (BCOT)

BCOT 010  Basic Correctional Officer Training Units: 14

The Basic Correctional Officer Training provides entry-level training for correctional officers. The course will introduce the student to adult corrections procedure, interviewing, counseling techniques, defensive tactics, public relations, and oral and written communications. Security and supervision techniques in adult institutions are stressed. The Correctional Officer Training meets or exceeds the mandates of the California Board of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Check the program website for additional information.
Lecture Hours: 180         Lab Hours: 220          Repeatable: No
Grading: Letter
Prerequisite: None
Advisory: None
Limitation on enrollment: Completion of POST reading and writing examination. Completion of POST physical fitness assessment. Possession of a valid California driver's license. Successful completion of medical examination. Fingerprint clearance through the California Department of Justice.
Transfer Status: None                 Degree Applicable: AA/AS
COD GE: None                 CSU GE: None                 IGETC: None