Air Conditioning & Refrigeration AS Degree

The Associate of Science Degree in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration offers the students the opportunity to learn academic, occupational, communication, and technical training skills needed by lead technician or project management personnel in the residential Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry. Students completing this degree will develop multiple skills that include real-world knowledge of: air conditioning and refrigeration theory and application, equipment tools, systems and components, duct and envelope testing, fundamentals of motors and capacitors, interpreting electrical diagrams, air supply and delivery, system evacuation and charging, troubleshooting, equipment service and installation, energy conservation, design, and safety. This curriculum was developed in collaboration with several community colleges and industry partners to provide a path to various residential Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) career areas.

Course Code Title Units
Required CoursesUnits
ACR 060Air Conditioning & Refrigeration I3
ACR 061Air Conditioning & Refrigeration II3
ACR 064Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Electricity I3
ACR 065Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Electricity II3
ACR 075HVACR Systems Design3
ACR 076Facilities Maintenance - Chillers3
ACR 078Safe Refrigerant Handling & Management3
ACR 080Gas Heating3
ACR 083All Weather Heating & Cooling Systems3
Select 13 units from the following:
ACR 077Energy Conservation Methods for HVACR3
ACR 084Boiler & Hydronic Heating3
ACR 090Building Automation Fundamentals3
ACR 091Advanced Building Control Networks3
ACR 092Advanced Building Automation Networks and Programming3
ACR 095AAir Conditioning Refrigeration Work Experience (Maximum of 4 units may be used for work experience)1-4
ACT 020Introduction to Construction Technology3
ACT 021Site Preparation and Layout1
ACT 022Concrete & Formwork1
ACT 023Framing Carpentry4
ACT 024Roofing Applications2
ACT 025Thermal & Moisture Protection1
ACT 026Drywall Installation & Finish1
ACT 027Exterior Finish1
ACT 028Finish Carpentry4
ACT 029Masonry Fundamentals2
ACT 030Plumbing Fundamentals3
ACT 031Electrical Fundamentals3
ARCH 011Architectural Blueprint Reading3
AUTO 018Automotive Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning4
BIT 010California Building Codes4
BIT 020California Mechanical Codes2
BIT 024California Energy Codes3
BIT 030California Plumbing Codes2
BIT 040California Electrical Codes2
BUAC 020AFinancial Accounting4
BUAC 066Fundamentals of Bookkeeping3
BUMA 020ABusiness Law I3
BUMA 028Introduction To Entrepreneurship3
BUMA 031Business Calculations3
BUMA 094Business Communications3
CIS 010Computer Literacy4
ESYS 001Energy Generation & Distribution Industry3
ESYS 002Electricity & Electrical Theory3
ESYS 003Energy Systems Technology3
ESYS 004Industrial Calculations3
ESYS 005Zero Net Energy Building Science4
ESYS 006Fundamentals of Building Commissioning3
ESYS 011Residential Solar Surveying and Planning3
ESYS 011LSolar Site Planning Project Lab1
ESYS 012Residential Solar Installation4
ESYS 021Residential Energy Modeling3
ESYS 022Residential Energy Modeling Design Project2
ESYS 033Residential House Electrical Wiring3
ESYS 034Lighting Efficiency Technology3
ESYS 035Advanced Lighting Controls3
ESYS 095AEnergy Systems Technology Work Experience (Maximum of 4 units may be used for work experience)1-4
Required Subtotal27
Electives Subtotal13
COD General Education Pattern18
Kinesiology Activities2