Construction Technology Career Preparation Certificate of Completion

The Construction Technology Career Preparation Certificate of Completion provides students with an in-depth analysis of the organization and structure of the construction industry; the many career choices the industry offers; and an introduction to pathways selected from Framing, Finish Carpentry, Plumbing, Electricity, Masonry, Finishes, or Building Inspection.  The certificate emphasizes green construction practices, jobsite safety, practical knowledge of tool and equipment use, basic construction math, basic rigging techniques, and communication as well as employability skills. Guest speakers and site visits provide students a wide view of the expectations of entry-level work, wages, benefits, and work place culture.

This certificate does not provide the complete, in-depth training required to begin a career in the construction industry.  However, every course in this certificate can be applied to one of the College of the Desert Short Term Vocational Construction Technology or Building Inspection Technology programs. 

Course Code Title Units
ACT 320Construction Safety0
ACT 320BConstruction Math Concepts0
ACT 320CConstruction Careers & Employability Skills0
ACT 320DConstruction & the Environment0
Electives: Select 3 from ACT or BIT
ACT 321Site Preparation & Layout Essentials0
ACT 323Construction Framing Essentials0
ACT 331Electrical Fundamentals0
ACT 330Plumbing Fundamentals0
ACT 329Masonry Fundamentals0
ACT 324Roofing Applications0
ACT 328Finish Carpentry Fundamentals0
BIT 310ACalifornia Building Codes Introduction0
BIT 320ACalifornia Mechanical Codes Introduction0
BIT 324ACalifornia Energy Codes Introduction0
BIT 325ACalifornia Residential Code Administration & Planning0
BIT 330ACalifornia Plumbing Codes Introduction0
BIT 340ACalifornia Electrical Codes Introduction0
Electives: Select 4 from EMP
EMP 310ANew World of Work Skills: Recognizing Change as Opportunity0
EMP 310BNew World of Work Skills: Facing Challenges0
EMP 311ANew World of Work Skills: Self Awareness at Work0
EMP 311BNew World of Work Skills: Personal Assessments0
EMP 312ANew World of Work Skills: Online Presence and E-Resumes0
EMP 312BNew World of Work Skills: Online Accountability0
EMP 313ANew World of Work Skills: Communication Etiquette0
EMP 313BNew World of Work Skills: Communication Effectiveness0
EMP 314ANew World of Work Skills: Team Building0
EMP 314BNew World of Work Skills: Transformational Leadership0
EMP 315ANew World of Work Skills: Listening and Mirroring0
EMP 315BNew World of Work Skills: Customer Service0
EMP 316ANew World of Work Skills: Solving Problems0
EMP 316BNew World of Work Skills: Design Thinking0
EMP 317ANew World of Work Skills: Growth Mindset0
EMP 317BNew World of Work Skills: Learning from Failure0
EMP 318ANew World of Work Skills: Modern Workforce0
EMP 318BNew World of Work Skills: Intrapreneurship0
EMP 319ANew World of Work Skills: Gender and Ethnicity0
EMP 319BNew World of Work Skills: Disabilities and Generations0