Construction Technology Concrete and Masonry Certificate of Completion

The Construction Technology Concrete and Masonry Certificate of Completion provides students with the understanding and skills necessary to understand the significance of concrete as a building material and the importance of Masonry as both construction material and artistic form of expression in construction.  Topics include the properties of cement, composition of concrete, reinforcement materials and the various types of forms needed for each particular footing.  Topics in Masonry include basic materials, tools and techniques and the concept of modularity and layout of masonry units.  Students participate in a practical lab or an actual project site under close supervision of trade professionals.

Students completing this certificate may seek an entry level career in the construction industry; pursue additional training in Framing Carpentry, Site Preparation and Layout, Electrical Construction Technology, Plumbing Construction Technology and Exterior Finishes.  Students may also apply for credit by exam to transfer into a credit certificate or degree in Construction Management, Building and Energy Systems Professional, or Architecture/Drafting.

Course Code Title Units
ACT 320Construction Safety0
ACT 321Site Preparation & Layout Essentials0
ACT 321ASite Preparation & Layout Lab0
ACT 322Concrete & Formwork0
ACT 329Masonry Fundamentals0
ACT 329AMasonry Fundamentals Lab0