Early Childhood Education Site Supervisor Certificate of Achievement

Early Childhood Education (ECE) is the study of child development and developmentally appropriate practices for young children. Students completing theĀ Early Childhood Education Site Supervisor CertificateĀ  will be prepared for positions such as mentor teachers, site supervisors and directors of private preschool programs.

Course Code Title Units
Required Courses
CDE 101Child Growth & Development3
CDE 102Child, Family, & Community3
CDE 103Principles & Practices of Teaching3
CDE 104Introduction to Curriculum3
CDE 201Health, Safety, & Nutrition3
CDE 202Teaching in a Diverse Society3
CDE 203Observation and Assessment3
CDE 204Practicum in Early Childhood Education4
CDE 223The Mentor Teacher/Adult Supervision2
CDE 224Administration of Programs for Young Children3
CDE 225Advanced Administration of Programs for Young Children3
Recommended COD General Education Courses
ENG 001AEnglish Composition4
NR 001Conservation of Natural Resources (or C1-Natural Sciences selected courses)3
SOC 003Fundamentals of Statistics3
PSY 001General Psychology (or C2-Social/Behavioral Sciences selected course)3
Any course (C3-Arts, Humanities, & Culture selected courses)3
Any courses (C5-Personal Growth & Development selected courses)3
Required Subtotal33
Recommended COD General Education19