Film Post-Production Certificate of Achievement

A movie is made three times: when it's written; when its shot; when it's edited.  Jean Luc Goddard said, "Film is truth at twenty-four frames per second" and no one knows this better than a film editor.  He or she must decide frame by frame where the audience needs to be in relation to the story. Stay in a shot or transition to another and if so, what shot and how to get there?  Working side-by-side with the director to craft the movie that ultimately hits the screen, large or small, editing is about manipulating the audience, in the best possible way, in the service of storytelling.   

Likewise, effects artists - many of whom are among the endless list of names that roll at the end of a movie - utilize the latest software and technologies to enhance digital storytelling during the post-production process.  Sound editors and mixers, graphic artists and many others are involved in this expansive, job-rich area of film production.  

The Certificate of Achievement in Film Post-Production will teach students the terminology and concepts of narrative film editing and effects as well as amplify their knowledge and skills using a variety of editing software.  Students experience hands-on the film editing process, learning aesthetic principles of narrative continuity editing and the technological workflow for picture and sound editing.   

This certificate is valuable for anyone interested in working in film post-production and will offer students the tools and training they need to get hired at that valuable foot-in-the-door job of Production Assistant and perform that job knowledgeably and professionally.  

Course Code Title Units
FILM 002AFilm Production I: Basic Film Production3
FILM 002BFilm Production II: Advanced Film Production3
FILM 007Film Editing (Film Editing)3
DDP 120Video Post Production3
DDP 121Motion Graphics3
MUS 078AElectronic Music Production3