Mass Communication AA Degree

The Mass Communication AA Degree introduces students to the major forms of Mass Communication including Journalism, Film, Radio and Broadcast Media, and Digital Multimedia, and offers an opportunity for hands-on experience and study of a variety of media.  The degree offers a platform from which to launch further study of Mass Communication and prepares students for transfer to UC and CSU four-year programs in Mass Communication, as well as providing students with basic entry-level industry skills, processes and practices.  However, transfer requirements at four-year colleges and universities vary from institution to institution; students should consult with a counselor for specific information regarding the transfer requirements of their preferred college or university.

Course Code Title Units
Required Courses
MC 001Introduction to Mass Media3
FILM 001Introduction to Film3
ART 034Introduction to Digital Art & Media3
or DDP 100 Introduction to Digital Art & Media
Select 15-16 units from the following:
MC 005Introduction to Public Relations3
J 003ANews Reporting & Writing3
RTV 002Broadcast Announcing2
RTV 007Introduction to Radio Production3
RTV 007BAdvanced Radio Production3
RTV 095ARadio & TV Work Experience (Maximum of 2 units may be used for work experience)1-2
ART 031Digital Photography3
or DDP 131 Digital Photography
BUMA 027Marketing3
BUMA 028Introduction To Entrepreneurship3
CS 007AComputer Science I4
DDP 101Digital Imaging3
FILM 002AFilm Production I: Basic Film Production3
FILM 002BFilm Production II: Advanced Film Production3
FILM 021Contemporary World Film3
FILM 023Contemporary American Film3
FILM 095AFilm Work Experience (Maximum of 2 units may be used for work experience)1-2
MUS 006History of Film Music3
MUS 078AElectronic Music Production3
TA 002Acting I3
Required Subtotal9
Elective Subtotal15-16
Select one of the following:37-39
CSU General Education
IGETC Pattern
Kinesiology Activities2