Film Production Management Certificate of Achievement

Movies are make-believe. The work done to make them is not. Long before cameras roll, and continuing when and long after they do, line producers, production managers, locations managers, first assistant directors, post-production managers and others are working hard to prepare for, manage and carry out a process that will utilize the talents of a small army of creative and technical filmmakers and allocate valuable, irreplaceable resources not the least of which are time and money. There is no just "going out and shooting" this. The seeming madness of the creative process that is filmmaking is in reality managed in a process of its own that evolved with the medium.  

The Certificate of Achievement in Film Production Management will teach students the process, practices, protocols and personnel involved in budgeting, scheduling, set management, location scouting and management and finally, post-production supervision.  In doing so, they will learn all of the various departments, resources and personnel that are required to make a film production possible. And they will learn to allocate two most valuable resources required to make a film - time and money.  

This certificate is valuable for anyone interested in producing, line producing, production managing, assistant directing, location managing, set managing, post-production supervising and even directing a movie.  Most important it will give a student all of the tools needed to get the valuable foot in the door job of production assistant almost anywhere in the film production process and perform that job knowledgeably and professionally.  

Course Code Title Units
FILM 002AFilm Production I: Basic Film Production3
FILM 011AFilm Production Management: Scheduling & Budgeting3
FILM 011BProduction Management: Location & Set Management3