Plant Science AS Degree (employment preparation)

This program provides instruction in a wide array of career opportunities in horticulture, agronomic and other related fields. These careers also include many areas that support these industries such as landscape irrigation, water management, soil science and conservation, agricultural biology, entomology, environmental protection of water, farmlands, open spaces, and landscaped areas.

Course Code Title Units
Required CoursesUnits
AGPS 001Soils & Plant Nutrition4
AGPS 002Entomology - General & Applied4
AGPS 005Plant Science3
AGPS 005LPlant Science Lab1
AGPS 032Pesticide Laws & Regulations2
AGBU 059ALeadership1
AGBU 059BCareers1
BUAC 066Fundamentals of Bookkeeping3
CIS 010Computer Literacy4
Required Subtotal23
Elective Subtotal (with Advisor approval)18
COD General Education Pattern 118
Kinesiology Activities2

To include NR 001, Conservation of Natural Resources