Advanced Film Production Certificate of Achievement

Digital film and video technology has transformed filmmaking, making it possible to produce independent movies and video projects without huge budgets, expensive cameras or large crews. This development allows many different organizations today to use film and video as part of their work. Whether the goal is to fulfill a personal artistic vision, market a product or advance a cause, the fundamental need to tell a story remains paramount, and film is a powerful means to do it.

In this thirty-nine unit certificate program, students receive direct, hands-on experience creating visual stories that are intelligent, emotional, compelling, succinct and informative. The program covers the primary aspects of film production, including scripting, camera, sound, directing, editing and broadcasting. Students will learn:

  • Visual storytelling concepts, including story development, script format, film vocabulary, production tools, filmmaking protocol and workflow

  • Directing and producing techniques including camera placement, blocking scenes, directing on-camera performers, documentary interviewing, communicating with collaborators and crew management,

  • Camera skills including basic camera angles, moving image composition and lighting

  • Audio recording fundamentals, basic sound editing and mixing

  • Editing skills including how to write and shoot with the edit in mind, and creating visual effects and graphics

The Advanced Certificate provides the necessary industry skills, processes and practices to work on a film crew, produce an independent film, create and run a small film/video business and monetize video in the many social media outlets available today. This certificate also gives students crucial communication and storytelling tools they may apply in almost any area of study where film and video are utilized today. Students emerge with short films and other film project materials for their personal or professional portfolio.

The course content of this certificate in terms of required and elective courses is identical to the content of the AS Degree in Film Production less the General Education requirements of that degree.

Course Code Title Units
Required Courses 21 units
FILM 001Introduction to Film3
FILM 002AFilm Production I: Basic Film Production3
FILM 002BFilm Production II: Advanced Film Production3
FILM 002CFilm Production III: Capstone3
FILM 003Screenwriting3
FILM 004Cinematography3
FILM 007Film Editing3
Electives Courses 18 units
FILM 005On-Camera Acting & Voice Over3
FILM 006Documentary Filmmaking3
FILM 008Film Production Design3
FILM 009Film Producing & Distribution3
FILM 010Film Directing3
FILM 011AFilm Production Management: Scheduling & Budgeting3
FILM 011BProduction Management: Location & Set Management3
FILM 012ACreative Content - Basic1
FILM 012BCreative Content - Intermediate1
FILM 012CCreative Content - Advanced1
FILM 095AFilm Work Experience1-3