Desert Naturalist Certificate

for employment preparation

This certificate is locally approved and is NOT notated on the student’s academic transcript in accordance with State regulations.

Course Code Title Units
Required Courses
NR 001Conservation of Natural Resources3
NR 001LConservation of Natural Resources Lab1
Group A
Select 4 units from the following
AGPS 002Entomology - General & Applied4
NR 003Introduction to Wildlife Management3
NR 004Introduction to Ecosystem Management3
NR 020GPS and Map Use1
NR 095ANatural Resources Work Experience1-8
Group B
Select 4 units from the following
NR 041ANative Plants - Mountain1
NR 041BNative Plants - Desert1
NR 050Winter Birds1
NR 051AMigrant Birds - Fall1
NR 051BMigrant Birds - Spring1
NR 058Reptiles of the Coachella Valley1