Natural Resources AS Degree (employment preparation)

The Natural Resources Associate’s Degree with Employment Preparation is a two-year degree that prepares students to work in a variety of different environmentally focused fields including: wildlife management/ecology, ecosystem management, landscape ecology, restoration ecology, fire ecology, parks and recreation planning, environmental consulting, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), natural resources law enforcement, forensic entomology, urban planning, nature interpretation, ecotourism, alternative energy, water treatment/management, zookeeping, environmental education, and more. 

Short-term certificates (Desert Naturalist, Desert Ecologist, and Field Ranger) may also be obtained in one to two semesters by taking a variety of Natural Resources (NR) courses (these courses also apply to the two-year degree).  These three certificates (as well as the Associate’s degree) provide a well-rounded introduction to the desert environment and are of special interest to nature enthusiasts including: docents, volunteers, and paid employees that work at museums, libraries, schools, zoos, botanical gardens, parks and other local, state, and federal agencies throughout southern California.  In addition, teachers will be able to add many natural science activities to their current curriculum and move up on the pay scale with each additional unit.  Students will receive academic training and learn specific skills (GIS mapping and GPS use for example) that will aid in job advancement and employment with a natural-resources related agency in the Coachella Valley and beyond.

Course Code Title Units
Required Courses
NR 001Conservation of Natural Resources3
NR 001LConservation of Natural Resources Lab1
NR 003Introduction to Wildlife Management3
NR 004Introduction to Ecosystem Management3
NR 021Introduction to GIS3
NR 059Careers in Natural Res & Agri Sciences3
NR 095ANatural Resources Work Experience (Maximum of 3 units may be used for work experience)1
Elective Courses
Select 23 units from the following
NR 010Wildland Fire Technology3
NR 017Natural Resources Law Enforcement3
NR 020GPS and Map Use1
NR 041ANative Plants - Mountain1
NR 041BNative Plants - Desert1
NR 050Winter Birds1
NR 051AMigrant Birds - Fall1
NR 051BMigrant Birds - Spring1
NR 058Reptiles of the Coachella Valley1
NR 095ANatural Resources Work Experience1-8
AGPS 001Soils & Plant Nutrition4
AGPS 002Entomology - General & Applied4
AGPS 032Pesticide Laws & Regulations2
G 005Environmental Geology4
GEOG 010Geography of California3
Required Subtotal17
COD General Education Pattern 118
Kinesiology Activities2